COVID Singing Precautions

Atlanta Sacred Harp singing in the age of COVID-19

Atlanta singings are only open to fully vaccinated singers (including a booster when eligible), whether indoors or outdoors.

Masking is not required, though anyone is free to wear a mask if they wish.


If you have any symptoms of COVID on the day of the singing, stay home.

If you have a known, direct exposure to COVID, please wait two weeks
before coming to a singing.

Notify the Chair if you get sick within a week of attending one of our singings.

Special Circumstances

Fully vaccinated but high-risk singers (e.g., frail elderly, or immune-compromised) are advised to avoid indoor events, and to mask and distance at outdoor events.

Though guidelines may be updated someday to reflect prior infection, for now vaccination remains the surest path to a safe singing environment for all participants. Your cooperation is appreciated.

During periods of substantial to high transmission in our area, indoor events are suspended. Depending on the level of risk, outdoor events may also be suspended.

Singers are expected to cooperate with contact tracing should it become necessary.

“Facemasks are optional. Vaccination is required.”

Direct your questions here, or to Amy Wells (amyarmstrongmidwife (at) gmail (dot) com)

Version: 1-Jul-2022
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